Our Revolution-Somerset County Endorses Faris Zwirahn


Our Revolution Somerset County is excited to endorse Faris Zwirahn for New Jersey Assembly in Legislative District 16, for the June 8th Democratic Primary Election!

Faris brings a unique perspective to this race. Coming from a working-class background, as someone of Middle Eastern descent, and as a candidate running "off the line", he would be a fresh, independent voice in the Assembly. Both he and OR Somerset are pushing to #AbolishTheLine and for Better Ballots, because our elected representatives should be accountable to regular voters, not political machines and corporate special interests. It's time for change. OR Somerset strongly believes Faris is the best candidate in this race to speak truth to power.

Faris grew up on a farm in rural Eastern Syria, and through studying and working hard he eventually made his way to Damascus University. As the Syrian regime brutally violated basic civil and human rights, Faris began his career as a political activist, speaking out for those who had been silenced. After much effort, he successfully obtained a Fulbright Scholarship from the U.S. government which allowed him to leave Syria to study here, in the US. At the completion of his scholarship, he realized he could not return to his war-torn homeland, and received political asylum in 2010. In 2017, Zwirahn proudly became a US citizen in the Garden State.

Currently, Faris is a Princeton University lecturer in Arabic Language and Literature. He is also studying Moral and Political Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. He is running because he intimately understands the needs of struggling families, and wants to do his part to give back. His platform advocates for progressive policies like hazard pay for frontline workers during the pandemic, better subsidies for childcare, restorative justice alternatives to the criminal legal system, eliminating the “party line” on ballots to promote diverse representation in government, and implementing smart taxation to support health and redefine poverty. OR Somerset strongly supports his candidacy because now is the time to fight hard for working families and small businesses. We believe Faris is the best candidate in this race to do that.

Please join us in supporting Faris in the upcoming Democratic Primary Election!

Statement from Faris Zwirahn:

"I am honored and humbled to receive and accept the endorsement of the Our Revolution Somerset County Chapter. I am grateful to like-minded progressive Democrats and their support. As a progressive Democrat, I am wholeheartedly committed to Our Revolution’s progressive values. Now is the time to fight hard for good governance to meet the needs of our society’s backbone, which are working families and small businesses."


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