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A Progressive Policy Agenda Supporting Good Governance, For Us and By Us

Implement COVID-19 relief policies that centers those most marginalized

  • Enact legislation to provide fully government-funded child care support  programs as the current subsidies are woefully insufficient. This will help pull more women, especially in low-income families and families of color, into the labor market, and especially help those who were already forced to leave their jobs to take care of their children.

  • Continue reduction of prison and jail population during COVID and beyond; sponsor bill implementing restorative justice alternative to the criminal legal system.

  • Support hazard pay for frontline workers.

  • Introduce Summer school programs for students to catch-up as many kids from low-income families and families of color fell behind due to COVID.


Environment & Well-being

  • Pipeline Solutions in the district and NJ at large.

  • Strengthen and expand NJ Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Rebate Program.

  • Support air pollution solutions in NJ.

  • Improve drinking water standards and natural bodies of water in NJ.


Smart Taxation to Support Health & Redefine Poverty

  • Introduce a Special Windfall Profit Tax on pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies in NJ to expand Medicare and resolve opioid crisis.

  • Introduce and support taxes on stock transactions in NJ to support giving tax credits to small family businesses.

  • Sponsor a bill to provide hazard pay to low-income frontline workers in the pandemic.

  • Increase NJ poverty line.

  • Support expansion of Medicaid and adopt healthcare for all.

  • Establish programs to solve opioid crisis in LD 16 and NJ.

  • New Jersey Good Governance & Elections Reforms

  • Sponsor a bill to eliminate the party line on NJ ballot.

  • Propose non-partisan publicly funded election program to support candidates from marginalized communities to run for public office in NJ.


Strengthen NJ Public University and Community College Tuition-Free Programs

  • Support legislation to expand the Community College Opportunity Grant Program (CCOG) to include four-year colleges.

  • Increase the cap of household gross income, the requirement of the CCOG, from $65K to $80K or higher.


Improve the current property tax relief policies

  • Expand property tax reliefs outlined in Governor Murphy’s 2020 Budget Deal